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The current project is dedicated to creating a virtual model of a global village by collecting relevant data and various facts about different countries around the world. We understand that we cannot create a global village in full sense with absolutely all countries included. Instead we are trying to investigate the world by exploring different corners of the globe to the extent that our possibilities allow.  For this purpose we use free web-based applications that we have converted into learning tools using our imagination and we want to thank all the providers listed below for such an opportunity. We have divided Our quest for knowledge and better understanding of other cultures into two parts:

  • First part : collecting and sharing knowledge about chosen countries 
  • Second part: finding  and establishing collaboration with schools from these countries

To see a model of our village in Gliffy, click here (the presentation is made by Eyi)

To see a model of our village in PhotoShop, click here (made by Eyi)


Who are we?


We are a group of 19 students (class 8F) from Mansikkala School, Imatra, Finland and a teacher Alona Senishch-Chmilewsky


How we chose the countries


After careful consideration and discussion we decided to choose the countries we know nothing or very little about and we hope it will help us to break our stereotypes about unfamiliar cultures and distance that separates us. For the list of countries click here




  • Learn, learn and learn about the world
  • Broaden our horizonts by understanding different points of view 
  • Get rid of prejudice towards certain cultures if there is any
  • Learn that human heart comes first, not nationality
  • Establish contacts with children around the world






 Click Project's Diary for the latest developments within and around the Global Village project.


Our special thank you notice to the providers of free web-based software applications:


http://www.pbwiki.com (Web Space)

http://www.gliffy.com    (Image Editor) 

http://www.slide.com    (Slide Shows)

http://www.pageflakes.com (Customize Your Web Experience)



Useful Links:



http://rafi.ki (International Communication and Cooperation): 2nd part of the project!



Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com


Our contact e-mail address is global.village07@gmail.com



Content Original Idea © Alona Senishch-Chmilewsky

Mansikkala School, Imatra, Finland, 2007-2008






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